Premier Home Staging LLC serves the South Florida region and is a full service Home Staging company whose owner has a proven track record of customer satisfaction and success. We work with individual homeowners, realtors, builders and investors to professionally prepare properties for market because all of us share a common goal; to sell properties in the shortest amount of time and for the most money possible. 

In the current real estate market, it can be challenging to prepare a house to be sold and the need to set your property apart from the others on the market is essential. Premier Home Staging has the expertise to guide you through the process of creating the look that sells. Over the past eight years, our team members have staged over 390 properties ranging in price from $200,000 to $6.6M. Experience matters!

Our unique combination of qualifications, experience and ability will help you to accomplish your goal of selling your property for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Staging enables potential buyers to emotionally attach to a property and envision living the lifestyle that staging creates for them. It’s very difficult to form an attachment to an empty house devoid of personality, or a cluttered house full of personalized items, which is why staged properties sell faster and for more money than their non-staged counterparts.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Professional Home Staging is a marketing and communication tool. Your house is your most valuable asset and you want (and deserve) every penny you can get from the sale. That’s why you need seasoned, educated professionals to guide you through this process and deliver the best possible results for you.


Andi Hurley

Andrea “Andi” Hurley is the founder and owner of Premier Home Staging LLC. Andi is an Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM®), one of only 200 in the entire world, and is widely regarded as an expert in her field. Andi is also a Certified ASP® Trainer for StagedHomes.com. As a trainer, Andi has taught over 300 realtors how to use Professional Home Staging as a key marketing and listing tool, and she teaches Stagers how to stage, open and operate a staging business. Andi currently serves as the Director of Ethics for the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®) and served as President of the South Florida International Association of Home Staging Professionals Regional Chapter in 2018. She has also held the position of Secretary for both IAHSP and the South Florida Regional IAHSP Chapter.

Prior to her move to South Florida, Andi worked as a Staging Team Leader for Staged Interior, the Washington, DC area preeminent staging company. During her tenure at Staged Interior, Andi led staging projects for some of the top builders and realtors in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas.

Andi has staged all types residential properties from small condominiums to multi-million dollar estates. She loves the home staging profession because she understands that she is in a position to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her clients by creating more wealth for them and helping them move on to the next phase of their lives as quickly as possible.

Andi’s husband recently retired from the U.S. Army. During their time as an Army family, Andi and her husband moved 15 times in 24 years so Andi clearly understands the stressors associated with moving and is uniquely qualified to help homeowners prepare their properties for market. Andi’s specialty is staging occupied properties where she can fully utilize her creativity and apply her talent for repurposing homeowner’s items to maximum effect.

Although Andi loved Army life, she is thrilled to be in paradise where she can plant permanent roots. No more moves!


Catherine Land

After more than 20 years of success in the market intelligence space, Catherine Land gave in to her creative side and become an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®). As a Lead Stager for Premier Home Staging, Catherine brings a wealth of experience in the business arena and immense talent in the creative arena, both crucial for success in the Professional Home Staging industry. In addition to earning her ASP® designation, Catherine is also a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®), Secretary for the South Florida Regional Chapter of IAHSP and Ambassador for the Worldwide Staging Service Week Project, which brings local ASP® stagers together each year to transform a home or business for families or non-profits in need.

Born in Luxembourg, Catherine moved to the US in 1989. She graduated from Hunter College in New York City with a degree in Political Science. She lives in Weston with her husband and two children. Catherine’s love of the way that staging is utilized to make a calculable impact on people’s lives by getting sellers more money and a faster sale perfectly fits within Premier Home Staging’s ethos of helping our clients achieve their goals and get onto the next phase of their lives.